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NeoCon, Chicago, 13 – 15 June 2011

TRIKEY – the GMK disc tumbler assembly from Lehmann

Under the motto „No one’s allowed in unless they’re permitted“, locking systems take account of security aspects, save the user time and bring practical convenience to organisational processes. The „TRIKEY“ disk tumbler assembly for the “VCS 18.2” interchangeable cylinder lock system provides different keying levels, making grand master key (GMK) systems easy to configure.

The GMK disk tumbler assembly from Lehmann provides the capability of configuring different groups (master key functions) below the grand-master key. For the locking system, this means flexibility and cost effectiveness.

„TRIKEY“ takes into account the growing demand for uncomplicated locking systems that are quickly available and come at a fair market price. The Lehmann „TRIKEY“ disk tumbler assembly is used wherever an alternative to the standard disk tumbler assembly or high-quality pin tumbler cylinder is needed, and where the demand is for complex locking systems with short delivery times.

Compatible with the entire “VCS 18” interchangeable cylinder lock system from Lehmann, „TRIKEY“ is ideal for installing the “VCS 18.2” interchangeable system as a first-fit option or for retrofitting in existing furniture. The cylinder core is installed and removed in the tried and proven way.

„TRIKEY“ can be configured to suit specific applications or fitted with the future in mind, i.e. providing the option of later upgrades. To make the three keys easy to tell apart, there are three different head shapes: round for the individual key, square for the group key and octagonal for the grand master key.

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Caption: Caption: Grand master key (GMK) systems can be configured with the "TRIKEY" disc tumbler assembly for the “VCS 18.2” interchangeable cylinder system. The keys can be distinguished by their head shape: round for the individual key, square for the group key and octagonal for the grand master key. Photo: Lehmann


As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic furniture locking systems employing some 300 members of staff with headquarters in Minden/Westphalia, Lehmann has been developing and producing high-quality products for the furniture-making industry since 1962. This includes office furniture, warehouse and factory equipment, shopfitting/interior fittings, living-room and bedroom furniture, hotel and contract furnishing, healthcare as well as caravan manufacturing and boat building. For further information, go to

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