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interzum Cologne, 16 – 19 May 2017

Master from Samet

Introducing the new „Master“ hinge for the first time at interzum 2017, Samet – the Turkish furniture fittings manufacturer – is extending its hinge portfolio. The hinge complements the renowned Samet systems.

The new „Master“ hinge with integrated cushioning places the focus on convenient installation. The three-dimensional depth, overlay and height adjustment is performed via eccentric screws. Great value has been placed on the adjustment range. Thus, the depth can be adjusted from -2 to +3 mm and the overlay adjustment set from -1 to +6 mm. The height adjustment range is +/-2 mm. Furthermore, the clip-on assembly system simplifies and speeds up the production process. A light press is sufficient to snap the hinge into place in the mounting plate. The hinges can also be removed without tools.

The „Master“ hinges have, above all, been designed with the requirements of producers in international markets in mind. It is therefore appropriate that the hinges and the corresponding mounting plates are packaged in practical and appropriately designed boxes.

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Caption: The new "Master" hinge based on installation convenience. Photo: Samet

Samet GmbH

Samet GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Turkish manufacturer of furniture fittings. The range of products comprises 3,000 items in furniture fitting technology. Having received certification from numerous bodies, the Turkish market leader supplies customers in 110 countries and has subsidiaries in Russia, Italy and Germany.

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