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interzum Cologne, 13 to 16 May 2013

Impro – hinge system with 5-stage damping

The Impro hinge generation by Turkish fittings manufacturer, Samet, has further perfected the gentle, quiet closing of furniture doors. A 5-stage damping system allows furniture doors to close on their own at a speed selected to suit personal preference or the door size and weight.

The cushioning mechanism is integrated into the hinge arm. The cushioning effect can be adjusted from 1–5 on the hinge arm under the cap. Depending on personal preference, the setting can be selected so that furniture doors variously move slowly or fast and then close softly and silently. With doors that vary in size and weight, the advantage of fine adjustment is that a small movement of the hand is sufficient to close the furniture doors silently and securely. In the 0-position, soft closing can be “switched off” completely.

Overlay, inset and half-overlay doors are all possible with the 110° hinges. The shallow cup depth (12.54 mm) allows Impro hinges to be used even on thinner wooden furniture doors.

The whole range is characterised by clip-on assembly without using tools. Gentle pressure is all that’s needed to engage the hinges with the mounting plate. Removal is likewise done without using tools.

Overlay adjustment, depth and height adjustment with the aid of eccentric screws not only facilitate furniture assembly but are also easily altered if furniture doors in daily use require to be realigned from time to time.

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Caption 1: The Impro hinge series offers fine tuning of the soft closing action. Photo: Samet

Caption 2: The five-stage fine adjustment determines how fast the furniture doors close gently and quietly. Particularly with doors that vary in size and weight, the fine adjustment makes it easy to set the cushioning effect precisely. Photo: Samet

Samet GmbH

Samet GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Turkish manufacturer of furniture fittings. The range of products comprises 3,000 items in furniture fitting technology. Having received certification from numerous bodies, the Turkish market leader supplies customers in 110 countries and has subsidiaries in Russia, Italy and Germany.

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