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interzum Cologne, 16 -19 May 2017

SVS central locking from Lehmann

The „SVS” central locking system with anti-tilt function is state-of-the-art in the field of office and contract furniture due to the requirement on convenience and stability through anti-tilting. The “SVS” central locking function, however, also has a role in home furniture and children’s furniture, because it effectively prevents more than one pull-out or drawer being opened at the same time. In order that the design of the furniture, despite the technical components necessary, does not take second place and that individual, creative solutions can be realized, the Lehmann « SVS » module has been designed in such a way that it can be installed flexibly and used in different applications.

At this year’s interzum, Lehmann will be demonstrating how the “SVS” system, in combination with drawer systems from different manufacturers, can be freely configured and adapted to the respective installation situation. The advantage of this freedom of configuration is that the “SVS” system can also be installed by manufacturers of special constructions and low-volume ranges.

The specially adapted sets from Lehmann include all system components necessary for installation as well as drill jigs and installation instructions. Thanks to this, the sets are independent of the drawer systems.

In addition to the standard installation of the “SVS” system in the front carcase area, the system can also be installed – with additional components – in the rear area of the furniture carcase. This means that when the drawers are open, the appearance remains « clean », because the locking pin necessary for the central locking can no longer be seen.

This new range of variations in installation and application opens up new fields of application for the “SVS” central locking system with anti-tilt function beyond the realm of contract and office furniture, because home furniture also provides greater convenience if it can be locked and unlocked centrally. Furniture elements with pull-outs also benefit from the anti-tilt system, because it efficiently improves the furniture stability and prevents tilting.

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Caption: Despite the complex technology, the "SVS" central locking system is hidden from view. It can be adapted to the installation situation. Furthermore, the central locking system from Lehmann can be configured freely to suit the drawer systems of various manufacturers. Photo: Lehmann


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