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interzum Cologne, 16 – 19 May 2017

Samet pushes technology for sliding doors

There are strong arguments for the use of sliding doors. They emphasise design, elegantly resolve many space problems and show that cabinet systems can be much more than just storage spaces. With the sliding door systems SMT 100, SMT 500 and SMT 75T, Samet provides the perfect solutions for the broadest range of applications; for living room and bedroom furniture, for closets and walk-in closets.

SMT 100: Easy to install heavy-load carrier

The bottom-running SMT 100 sliding door fitting provides great design freedom. Door thicknesses from 18 to 50 mm are possible, and both inset and overlay door designs can be planned. The fitting is designed to support a weight of 80 kg per door element, enabling even heavy weights to slide easily and quietly in everyday use. The door elements close softly and silently thanks to the slimline cushioning system, which in terms of furniture design takes up very little space. The sliding doors can be installed and removed without tools. The height can be adjusted in a range of +/- 4 mm via the running components. With adjustable guide components, the depth is easy to regulate.

SMT 500: Multi-talent for every application

The top-running SMT 500 sliding door fitting proves itself in a multitude of applications, for example in tall units in living rooms and bedrooms, as well as in reception and office areas. Sliding door thicknesses of up to 22 mm are possible with this fitting. High-quality rollers ensure a constant, quite running action with door weights of up to 50 kg per element. The cushioning system – which can be installed on either the left or right-hand side – ensures silent closing. The SMT 500 sliding door fitting is available both with and without an adjustment system. The height can be adjusted in a range of +/- 3.5 mm via the running components; depth is regulated via the guide components. The tool-less installation simplifies the assembly of cabinets and cabinet systems.

SMT 75T: Flexibility for large-format cabinets

With the bottom-running SMT 75T sliding door fitting, maximum storage space can be planned with door thicknesses from 16 to 22 mm. The runner and guide components are identical in this fitting. With door weights of up to 75 kg, the running performance remains stable, enabling the door elements to be slid easily. An optional cushioning system can also be installed. The height can be adjusted in a range of +/- 4 mm via the running components.

With all three variants, the fully overlaying doors provide complete access to the cabinet interior. This allows for planning freedom when internal drawers and pull-out shelves are to be utilized to organize the storage space. The Samet sliding door system provides a coordinated performance range with which function-oriented and practical sliding door solutions can be realized for cabinet systems for dressers and closets or system furniture for media.

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Caption 1: The Samet sliding door systems provide ideal solutions for the broadest range of applications in the living room and bedroom, closets and dressers. Thanks to the fully overlaying door units, plenty of free space remains for interior organization. Photo: Samet

Caption 2: Top running SMT 500 sliding door fitting: With its high load capacity and easy installation, this sliding door fitting is ideal for a multitude of applications. Photo: Samet

Samet GmbH

Samet GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Turkish manufacturer of furniture fittings. The range of products comprises 3,000 items in furniture fitting technology. Having received certification from numerous bodies, the Turkish market leader supplies customers in 110 countries and has subsidiaries in Russia, Italy and Germany.

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