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interzum Cologne, 13 to 16 May 2013

Lehmann sets new directions in electronic locking

e-solutions is the furniture lock manufacturer’s name for its electronic furniture lock product line. The portfolio ranges from PIN code to radio and RFID to biometrics. To coincide with interzum Lehmann is adding RFID solutions to the product line, enabling furniture locks to be conveniently integrated into access control systems. A new, design-oriented foil keypad will replace the familiar keypad which has proved its worth over many years in the Lehmann range. New solutions for sliding doors and stand-alone storage units provide user benefits and further extend the spectrum of applications.

Users will enjoy the ease of handling and the application-specific versions of this system, which takes account of new ways of working and the associated security requirements in the modern office. Whereas in the past security meant protecting files, documents and data media, today it’s all about flexibility and ‘hot desking’. The e-solutions system gives the office furniture industry the appropriate technology to allow the customer to choose, for example, between permanent use, use for a limited period of time – as happens with project teams – or access authorisation for a succession of different users.

Making PIN codes easier

Using a PIN code for identification has been a feature of the system since electronic furniture locks were first launched on the market. To make it easier to remember the PIN and thus easier to key in the code, starting from interzum a new foil keypad will optimise access to the furniture. The keys have letters as well as numbers, enabling word codes to be used as these are often easier to remember. As with the numbers, anything from a short word, such as the name of a pet, to words up to ten letters long can be used. After keying in his or her personal PIN code via the foil keypad the user presses Enter to confirm and the cabinet is now locked. To open it again, simply key in the same PIN code as before and press Enter.

Easy-to-assemble applications for office cabinets and sliding doors

The familiar M300 and M400 electronic locking systems have now been joined by the M500, whose compact dimensions permit office cabinet applications without additional assembly expense. In addition, Lehmann has developed a new, easy-to-assemble solution for sliding doors which can be used in sliding door units without any design changes. The systems operate autonomously using standard batteries, with no wiring. The choice of identification procedure depends on the requirements at the particular property.

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Caption: The new foil keypad facilitates input for PIN code identification. The keys have letters as well as numbers, enabling word codes to be used as these are often easier to remember. The keypad is available in black and grey. Photo: Lehmann


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