PR-no. 40200-0105-02/2012
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ZOW Bad Salzuflen, 6 – 9 February 2012


Quickly keeping laptop, handbag or valuables in a safe place: not a problem with deposit boxes. Lockers equipped with dial locks protect clothing during sport. Filing and archive cabinets with dial locks guard documents from unauthorised access. The new dial lock featured in the dial lock range from Lehmann comes with four number dials and a lock cylinder for emergency opening. The code acts as the key and provides secure locking with 9999 number combinations.

The user sets his or her personal code that the scramble function then automatically rolls to a random number as soon as the lock is actuated. This means prying eyes don’t get a chance to catch a glimpse of the number combination. The lock is coded from the front using the coding lever in an open state and can be changed at any time without the need for special aids. If a user forgets the code, the dial lock can be opened by means of the cylinder. The forgotten number combination can be decoded in the open state with a needle on the back of the lock.

The twist-knob for unlocking is located either to the left or right of the number dials. The knob is turned through 180 degrees for locking and unlocking.

Using identical components, the dial lock is suitable for steel and glass furniture in material thicknesses from 1 to 8 mm and for wooden furniture in material thicknesses from 15 to 21 mm.

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Caption 1: On the dial lock from the new dial lock range, the user sets his or her code to open the door. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: On turning the dial lock’s twist-knob after selecting the personal code, the scramble function automatically rolls it to a random setting to stop anyone else seeing it. Photo: Lehmann


As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic furniture locking systems employing some 300 members of staff with headquarters in Minden/Westphalia, Lehmann has been developing and producing high-quality products for the furniture-making industry since 1962. This includes office furniture, warehouse and factory equipment, shopfitting/interior fittings, living-room and bedroom furniture, hotel and contract furnishing, healthcare as well as caravan manufacturing and boat building. For further information, go to

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