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interzum Cologne, 16 -19 May 2017

Compact electronic lock of the
latest generation

Electronic locking is becoming increasingly more established on the market. Safety and convenience are the key factors here. With the latest development « M410 », Lehmann is extending the functions of the electronic lock « M400 », already established on the market. Based on the latest-generation USB-capable 32-bit ultra-low power microcontroller, complex algorithms can be processed faster and more efficiently than ever before. Furthermore, the compact « M410 » has an interface that enables updates and settings to be made by the user more quickly and conveniently. Lehmann will be presenting the electronic lock, designed for maximum security, at interzum 2017.

Alongside security, the battery-powered « M410 » also focuses on convenient operation. Progressive RFID solutions in combination with new RFID readers open up a broad spectrum of applications that do not only cover the classic field of office furniture, but also the fields of healthcare and spas right through to private homes in which smart applications are becoming ever more popular for secure and simple operation.

With the new « M410 », as with the complete « E-solutions » product range, great value has also been placed on simple installation. The design of the electronic lock unit for left-hand / right-hand installation thanks to its symmetrical construction simplifies processing. The new « M410 » provides scope for different furniture applications, since it can be used both in furniture made of wood as well as in the materials HPL or steel.

The battery life has also been increased for the new generation of electronic locks. Depending on the control technology, up to 45,000 locking cycles are possible with just one battery. Furthermore, an interface is fitted as standard with which needs-based configuration and any necessary updates can be performed on site. This saves resources, because the necessity for maintenance work, administration, repairs and organisation are reduced. Additional characteristics of the new « M410 » – which is available in both a « rigid » and « sprung » bolt version – are the increased protection against manipulation, the integrated audio signal generator and resistance against cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Within the area of electronic locking, Lehmann is focusing consciously on further developments for the living area, which is again witnessing a trend towards locking after years of stagnation. Alongside the popular trend for « smart living », constantly changing living habits are likely to have been a trigger for this new tendency. Services such as care, delivery and other home services are becoming ever more a part of daily life, and thus intensifying the subject of security in the private sphere.

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Caption: "M410" - compact electronic lock of the latest generation. Photo: Lehmann


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