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NeoCon, Chicago, 13 – 15 June 2011

Code or cylinder, it’s the customer’s choice

In addition to the « M400 TA » electronic dial lock, the Minden-based Lehmann Group is offering a mechanical dial lock at NeoCon 2011 for anyone preferring to carry a « key in their head » over a fat bunch of keys but not yet wanting to switch over to electronic solutions straight away.

The lock code can be selected and changed again at any time on number dials. If necessary, the lock can also be undone using the master-key function.

The dial lock is available for all furniture applications. Linking it with different locking mechanisms, such as in desk pedestals, filing cabinets, furniture with roller shutters and so forth, permits a wide range of applications. Simple, cost-effective installation in a drill hole is a further advantage.

The dial lock offers particular benefits in smaller-type office units. This is where it closes the gap between locking by cylinder key and electronic locking.

« M400 TA » – the electronic version

The electronic dial lock provides a high level of security is easy to use and comes with a positive cost-benefit balance.

« TA » stands for « Tastatur », the German for keypad, and means that the locking system can be operated by means of a keypad for coding by the user. From a single-digit figure, easy-to-remember birthday to a ten-digit number combination – it’s all possible. The personal pin code is entered on a sealed keypad and confirmed by pressing the E key (E as in Enter); the cabinet is now locked. To open it again, you type in the previously entered pin code and press E again to confirm. This ingeniously simple operating system will be familiar to the user from many other applications ranging from the hotel safe to burglar alarms and other security systems. « M400 TA » can be used in a variety of applications – doors, flaps or drawers. No wiring is necessary as « M400 TA » operates on standard lithium batteries.

Information on the dial lock:
Mechanical dial locks, or combination locks, are often found on cases, safes and gun cabinets as well as in the form of bicycle locks. They are normally based on turning metal dials. A mechanism is used for turning the individual dials to the correct position.

The mechatronic version, frequently referred to as electronic dial lock, has a keypad and originally comes from the field of strong-rooms and safes.

Images in high resolution

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Caption 1: The mechanic dial lock is coded by means of number dials. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: Once the code has been set on the lock's dials, the handle can be turned to open the piece of furniture. Photo: Lehmann
Caption 3: With the electronic dial lock, the personal pin code is entered on a sealed keypad and confirmed by pressing the E key (E as in Enter). Photo: Lehmann


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