German Sustainability Award 2012

5. Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2012©  MFiryn

Prizes and competitions help enterprises to get an independent assessment of their products, services and strategies. Communication about an award contributes to the corporate image and business success. In 2012 Resopal entered its RE-Y-STONE® interior design material in the competition for the German Sustainability Award and reached the Top 3 in the category of ‘Germany’s most sustainable products/services’. MSWW supported the entry and was present at the award ceremony in Dusseldorf’s Maritim Hotel on 7 December 2012. But the agency’s marketing service does more. MSWW helps its clients to have an overview of a number of possible competitions and rank them according to their significance for the company. We assist them in the competition process and keep an eye on the most important dates. If a client receives an award, we take care of the associated PR.

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