Beschlagtechnik für Möbel (Hardware for furniture)

41b2WwkvyaL._SL500_In 2003, the book entitled “Beschlagtechnik für Möbel” (Hardware for Furniture) was the 253rd volume to enter the Library of Technology that is published by “verlag mo­derne industrie” and draws on the expertise of leading industrial companies. The work covered basic knowledge as well as the state of the art (2003) for professional and creative cabinet furniture design.

It was MSWW’s task to edit the book on the client’s behalf. The book’s exposé was drawn up in collaboration with the publisher’s editorial office, organising content. The exposé was also the basis for the working group installed at the client which provided MSWW with the technical input for editing the book. Each chapter in the book passed through the publisher’s editorial office. Appearing in May 2003, the book conveyed basic knowledge on the broad field of furniture hardware and was long available from bookstores under an ISBN number.

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