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interzum Cologne, 16 -19 May 2017

Lehmann: Storage Security

Security requirements are increasing, and the items to be safeguarded, such as smartphones, tablets, credit cards, etc. are becoming ever more valuable. Thus, safe deposit boxes and lockers are becoming more important. They are just as in demand in modern open plan offices as they are in reception areas or corporate team zones. The widest variety of sectors – laboratories and hospitals, wellness areas in hotels, fitness centers, universities, museums, libraries – are taking advantage of modern safe deposit boxes and lockers. The requirements in each case are clear: they must be simple to use and, above all, secure. Lehmann will be presenting a full application-oriented range of mechanical and electronic locking systems at interzum 2017.

From twist locks and lever cylinders through combination and electronic keypad locks all the way to coin locks and electronic locker locks, all lock types can be used directly or with integrated system accessories in panel thicknesses of 0.7 to 21 mm, in order that the standard materials steel, glass, HPL and wood are covered.

Twist locks are a simple security solution for padlocks. This principle, which has proven itself in the fields of personnel and leisure, transfers the locking security and key management to the user. On the other hand, cylinder cam locks based on the “Prestige” or “VCS” cylinder systems enable the realization of master key systems. Furthermore, comprehensive general master key systems can be realized with the “Trikey” cylinder system.

The mechanical “Dial Lock” combination lock range, which can be implemented in either the free or fix-code version depending on requirements, provides flexibility in the planning and design of lockers. As a result, very little advice-giving and administrative work for managing lock plans is necessary for lockers in open plan offices or changing room lockers. With many variants, the electronic “M400 TA” range – which is also available as a latch lock version – features greater functionality. As a solution for coin locks – often demanded in wellness areas – Lehmann provides the “Coin Lock 70” range, which, in the spa version, is suitable for wet rooms.

For an organized locker management system, the electronic “M610” lock is ideal for the simple management of safe deposit boxes and lockers, for their convenient operation and secure locking. The “M610” is based on touchless RFID technology. The method of operating the locks – assigned use or free shared use – can be adapted to the requirements.

The material property of the lockers or storage cabinets is immaterial. This is because every Lehmann locking system – from mechanical to RFID-based – can be installed in wood, HPL or steel. The locks and system components are coordinated in such a way that application-oriented concepts can be realized in accordance with technical and economical considerations.

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Caption 1: With the "M610" electronic lock, lockers can be operated conveniently and securely locked. From the field of fitness through spas to deposit boxes in open-plan offices, the lock, based on RFID technology, enables organized locker management. Photo: Lehmann

Caption 2: With the "M400 TA" electronic range, users open and close deposit boxes using a four digit PIN that they select themselves. Photo: Lehmann


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