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M400 TA electronic locking system: secure, flexible and easy to use

When lockers or changing-room cupboards need to prevent unauthorised access at health centres and leisure facilities, or furniture elements in business lounges, call centres, administration buildings, schools and hotels must be lockable, solutions are demanded that provide security, ease of operation as well as a positive cost/benefit balance. Electronic locking systems give operating convenience, good security and flexibility. The “M400 TA” electronic locking system from Lehmann is geared to simple locking functions, making it possible to benefit from electronic convenience with little effort.

“TA” stands for “Tastatur”, the German for keypad, and means that the locking system can be operated by means of a keypad for coding by the user. From a single-digit figure, easy-to-remember birthday to a ten-digit number combination – it’s all possible. The personal code is entered on a sealed keypad and confirmed by pressing the E key (E as in Enter). The cabinet is now locked. To open it again, you type in the previously entered code and press E again to confirm. The cabinet is now unlocked and ready for the next person to use by entering his or her code. This ingeniously simple operating system will be familiar to the user from many other applications, such as the standard hotel safe to burglar alarms and security systems. The electronics can be programmed to suit specific needs which mean it is also possible if necessary to operate the system using a personal code only.

The “M400 TA” electronic locking system is based on a slam lock that’s teamed up with motor and electronics to form a unit. It operates on standard batteries. An LED indicator provided on the sealed keypad lights up when the batteries are low and need changing. The electronic lock can be used in a variety of applications – doors, flaps or drawers. “M400 TA” is equally as suitable for lockers in schools, libraries and museums or for changing-room cupboards at sports and leisure centres as it is for business lounges or spa facilities in hotels. “M400 TA” combines the reliable functions of the slam lock with the advantages of electronics: for secure locker-type furniture that must provide flexibility in application and be convenient to use.

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Caption: The “M400 TA” electronic locking system can be engaged and disengaged using a keypad for coding in any way. The easy-to-operate locking system provides security and flexibility of use for locker-type furniture in all sorts of different applications. Photo: Lehmann


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