About us

MSWW PR-Agentur Redaktionsteam Wilfried Wadsack e.K. (MSWW) has been supporting mid-size companies for over 40 years with effective and pragmatic communication solutions for surfing on the wave of attention in the media and public eye. We specialise in subject matter covering all aspects of the home. The furniture and finishing industry, the white-goods sector, the supplier industry as well as associations belong to our clientele. We draw our strength from a small yet efficient team that demonstrates flexibility in responding to specific customer requirements and wishes. In addition to our core competency in furniture and furnishing, we also benefit from experience in the medical care segment, in the field of ophthalmic optics as well as technical domains.

We believe in classic PR instruments, such as press releases, press conferences and editorial contacts. Communication work complements the options of online PR or the “social media” tool. Trust, responsibility and commitment provide the foundation for our work with clients and journalists alike. We see every client as a partner we stand behind and are committed to using language as the vehicle for attracting media and public attention.

You benefit from the experience we have interacting with journalists. An online press library provides journalists with access to all press releases published for our clients and allows them to download all copy and artwork free of charge. An international network of partner agencies carries out PR activities for clients operating on a global scale.Depuis 40 ans, l’agence de relations publiques MSWW PR-Agentur Redaktionsteam Wilfried Wadsack e.K. (MSWW), basée à Bad Oeynhausen, épaule les entreprises moyennes grâce à des solutions de communication efficaces et pragmatiques afin de surfer, dans les médias et au niveau du public, sur la vague de la perception. Le domaine de spécialisation se cristallise autour de l’habitation. La branche du meuble et de l’ameublement, le domaine de l’électroménager, l’industrie de la sous-traitance ainsi que des associations font partie de notre clientèle. Notre force, c’est une équipe petite mais efficace, en mesure de s’adapter en toute flexibilité aux souhaits individuels des clients. Outre la compétence clé dans le secteur du meuble et de l’équipement, nous disposons d’expériences dans le secteur des soins médicaux, dans le domaine de l’optique ainsi que dans les domaines techniques.

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